Welcome to internationalmapyear.be.

We have a number of aims with the internationalmapyear.be site.  As you will see from the about us section of the internationalmapyear.be site, we aim to be a market leader in this sector.  Whether it is the latest industry news, or specific sector analysis, internationalmapyear.be is here to help you and your business grow.

The world is such a large place, there are so many different forms and places of entertainment about these days.  It’s nice to find a place online where you can have your leisure time mapped out for you.  Here at internationalmapyear we are looking to help you narrow down your choice of casino.  Of course, you may prefer to play at an online casino, but there are plenty of occasions out there where you will find that you are in an unfamiliar city, maybe because you travel internationally for your job, and you have some leisure time available to you.  We want to provide you with a site that you can come to and map out all your gambling options.  Whether you are travelling to France, mapping your way through the Congo,  or in Turkey, we will pinpoint on the map the casino options that are available to you.

One of our favourite European destinations for casinos is Italy.  This magnificent country has a number of prestigious casinos, some of which have magnificent architecture.  The Italian government have also been at the forefront of the regulation of the online casino and gambling sector.  Licenses are issued by the AAMS ( Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato) and cover a large range of gambling activities, including skill games, online casino games, bingo and horse pools.

Travelling the world is an awesome thing to do.  But knowing where you are going and being able to see the topography of a country alongside the hospitality, entertainment and facilities offered there really can make for memories that last a lifetime.